Velko Academy


VELKO ACADEMY offers several different products and services from Virtual Training Platform including Life, Sales and Marketing skills to Leadership Coaching, Business consulting and Digital, Social Media, and Creative Marketing.

What makes us different and unique in the market place is that we are offering all learning methods – Interactive Video Library, private coaching group, classroom presentations, and onsite training through role-play and also the famous  “Learn as You earn method.”

This is a method also known as “Show vs Tell. It allows our clients to see our principles and techniques in action. While we are earning for our clients on their behalf all professionals involved are able to learn through demonstration. We found that this is the fastest way to inspire, motivate and convince our clients of what’s possible and it’s also the fastest way to change the culture in your team.

Velko Academy is dedicated to removing depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, and limited mindset from your team. Based on our experience working with 100’s of organizations and thousands of students we realized that we need to heal professionals before we focus on sales and marketing skills.

Without fear of contradiction, we can say that Velko Academy offers the best and the most efficient method on the planet for collecting referrals and improving loyalty and retention of your existing clients. 

We have applied our principles for building, sustaining, and growing pipelines of raving fan clients for multiple industries.